Sterling Silver Chainmaille Mesh in 4 sizes

Egyptian Chainmaille

MESH- FLEXIBLE & TIMELESS Mesh made of woven spirals — a technique over 5000 years old. Spiral is the most common form in the universe. When two opposing forces meet & collide, the result is two spirals spinning off in new directions.

Katuah Series

Katuah Series

Depicts the southern Appalachian mountains known to the Cherokee as Katuah. Sterling pendant w/accents of copper patterned brass and anodized niobium riveted together. 4mm aquamarine bullet in the sky as the moon.

Sterling Silver Labyrinth Locket

Labyrith Series

The labyrinth is a symbol found on all continents and signifies the exploration of a question.  To walk a labyrinth is a walking meditation. These are 7 path labyrinths, informed by Mars.  This is a more direct form of questioning than a 13 path labyrinth, use these when you really want an answer. Labyrinth Walker …

Eight Pulley Examples

Pulley Eight

The 8 fold symmetry expressing the divine breath of the compassionate, the 8 arms spinning outward creating the universe of material form. The geometer calls upon the three factors of 8 — one, two and four, principles of monad, dyad and tetrad, or cycle, polarity and material form. This is the pattern that sunflower seeds …


Custom Work

dORY enjoys creating one of a kind custom jewelry with personal meaning. She will create your personal talisman using symbols, stones, and metals that are meaningful to you. Sacred geometry is inherent in all of dORY’s work along with ancient symbolism, myth, and an honoring of the earth and cosmos. Breathe new life into family …

Sterling Silver and Niobium Prayer Wheel

Prayer Wheels

All prayer wheels are based on the number 7. Until around 1000 ACE, the octave was a secret prayer of the unfolding of the seven layers of the universe. Written on the top and bottom of the prayer wheel are do (dominos = the absolute) re (reginacolia = the moon) mi (microcosm) fa (fate = …