• Egyptian Chainmaille

    MESH- FLEXIBLE & TIMELESS Mesh made of woven spirals — a technique over 5000 years old. Spiral is the most common form in the universe. When two opposing forces meet & collide, the result is two spirals spinning off in new directions.

  • Genesis Series

    Genesis is a group of designs symbolizing our origins, primal relationship with this world, our ancient memories of core radiance, and myth. This series includes Earth, Tree of Life, Molybdos, and Star 7. Earth It’s a small world after all with the sterling neck chain engages a small pulley that moves with every neck motion. …

  • Katuah Series

    Depicts the southern Appalachian mountains known to the Cherokee as Katuah. Sterling pendant w/accents of copper patterned brass and anodized niobium riveted together. 4mm aquamarine bullet in the sky as the moon.

  • Locked Spiral Series

    Each link is 2 spirals locked together at the 2 beads in every link. Spirals resolve opposition: when two opposing forces meet and collide, they spiral into new directions they wouldn’t have otherwise. Wear these in remembrance that when you encounter opposition in your life it is in opportunity to move in a new direction …